• Implementing of ShakeSpeare, company owners can gain many benefits which increase efficiency of their company
  • Increase of efficiency and productivity
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Solutions and Development

Do you need software support for your every-day business?

Have have a software consultants on specifics branches (financial area, legal area and health-care) who hand over in-depth knowledge to our highly skilled technical egineers. 


Žejn d.o.o. uses the most modern and yet proves methodologies for developing solutions, such as Rational Unified Process and SCRUM.

Turn-key solutions

Most of our solutions are so called »turn-key« solutions. Turn-key solutions include all the hidden costs, we take over managmenet of business analytics, software specification, integration, testing, as well as educations and knowledge transfers. 

Clouds and Software as a Service (SaaS)

As modern users tend to reduce the footprints of their data-centers/servers, we offer our own on-line servers to use or even select, negotiate and implement solution on some 3rd party infrastructural provider. Some of our clients, which are using on-line solutions (Žejn's servers) have almost 10.000 employees.