• Implementing of ShakeSpeare, company owners can gain many benefits which increase efficiency of their company
  • Increase of efficiency and productivity
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Our solution on the evening news

9.2.2017, Ljubljana

Presentation of our solution was taken place on one of Slovenian major TV networks - PopTV (24ur.com - smart inspector).

A lot of Inspections in Slovenia uses document and process software solution INSPIS, developed in ŽEJN Group labs. In the project called Mobile inspector we enable individual inspectors to start their inspection process in the field, where things usually start to happen.


Pantheon conference 2017

24.1.2017, Ljubljana

We introduced a new product line in Ljubljana on thhe Pantheon conference 2017 (PANCON 2017).

PANTHEON Shake is tailored to enable DATALAB Pantheon users with a better exeuction of their business processes and a metter business mobility (like accessing any documents from their smart phone etc.)


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