• Implementing of ShakeSpeare, company owners can gain many benefits which increase efficiency of their company
  • Your back-office business optimized.
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More than 15 years ago, we at Žejn LTD identified electronic management of business documentation, and business processes as one of the driving forces of modern business software. We designed Shakespeare™ software framework, and simultaneously developed within the framework itself some of the most common verticals, that companies (partners and clients) can effortlessly install, and use in production environments.

Shake Accountant

This solution is generated especially for accounting firms and users, who want to enhance their accounting software with managing and scanning documentation, electronic document exchange, and managing or implementing business processes. This solution enables access through a web interface, direct integration with accounting software, automatic input (OCR) of identified invoices and much more.

Shake Invoice Processor

Even though invoice verification may be a complex task in large companies, all the users wish to have their invoices verified quickly, through a smart (mobile) terminal or some other software. Business users want to be able to see their invoices immediately and at every moment, and be able to remotely verify and sign their documents, whereas accountants and other co-workers, in accordance with their accreditation rights (levels), are able to automatically confirm these invoices, execute payments, and other related activities.

Shake Legal

Legal offices are key users of digital documentation. Eventually, every sizable business interaction in every company, must be recorded in a legal office, either in the form of a contract (register of contracts), in negative examples in the form of court files, or simply in the form of audit or business exposure documents. It is because of this that security is paramount, ensuring every co-worker only has access to the documents assigned to them, while at the same time the software alerts them of upcoming key documents, deadlines, hearings, etc.

Shake Loans

In a financial organisation, loans are by far the most complex processes. Especially in cases of microloans, where a large number of employees from different departments must be engaged for a nominal credit, their work monitored and managed, while at the same time maintaining cost-effectiveness, due to the fact that here we are dealing with a business model with small added value and large administrative burden. Similar, but more conventional, principles are used with normal loans, whose life-cycles are less sensitive, although more than just the amount of the loan may depend on the consistent application of these principles.

Shake Mail Office

This is a professional solution for mailrooms, assigned departments within companies, where incoming mail is digitalised and distributed further along its workflows. In typical mailrooms we not only digitalise printed documents, we also set up a system to monitor the electronic part of incoming mail, that is becoming more and more prominent in all countries, but still needs systematic quality treatment within each company.


Striving for an ever higher quality in providing medical care, the following processes are increasingly being used:
  • computerized clinical pathways
  • electronic registers
  • To answer both requirements, Shakespeare™ framework can be used to set up a new register or establish a new clinical pathway in only 10 minutes, owing to special processing adjustments for medical expertise.

ShakeSpeare™ Framework

Is a DMS/BPM framework of the highest quality that enables the use of most advanced methodologies:
  • DMS – document management system
  • BPM – business process management
  • OCR/ICR – optical character recognition, intelligent character recognition
Our award winning SOA architecture is independent of corporate infrastructure, but supports experimental integration and enables you to use all your corporate services in a uniform/homogeneous system.